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I have no idea why law Enforcement has been dropping the ba…

I have no idea why law Enforcement has been dropping the ball so much recently!
First with that stupid mother and stepdad that up and moved to Hawaii after / during the disappearance of their kids. And now this!
Why isn’t anybody in custody?! I’ve dug deep and from what I’ve found, only questioning has taken place.
Same with the Vallow lady. She doesn’t show up with either the kids even after they issued her to show with them children at court. Nothing happend.. why isn’t she being held? Why have warrants been issued.
I cannot fathom how people are just walking around when they are the last known to be seen with them.
Especially with fishy cases like these.

Someone find these babies!!! 😭



— @6pm this was posted.

— The extended family hasn’t seen the child since Christmas. I guess there was someone who babysat for the child a week ago (with video evidence) but since then the mother said the child was taken by cps. It was a family member who reported the child missing. The poor father is stationed out of state and is probably freaking out. There’s something fishy with the mom though.

— None of this adds up. Like everyone is just pointing fingers, but yet nothing is moving forward (from what we can see.)


— Fucking finally! I just saw this posted. Took them long enough.

— Ugh this hurts my heart so much. My youngest is about the same age. I couldn't imagine not knowing where she is for 2 months and not even bothering reporting her missing. 😭😭😭😭

— It's probably a Casey Anthony case all over again. 😭

— @nothingtoseehere, 😭😭😭💔

— Omg that mom that went to Hawaii, the girl taken and killed in SC , now this😭 #bring ackourgirls

— It’s so sad! And it’s extra sad that it looks from the outside like law enforcement is slacking.

— Or the one i saw where the 11 yo in Missouri gave birth in a tub after being raped by a 17 yo approx. 100 times and the parents didnt give medical care so they're all being charged 🥴

— Yep! I saw that yesterday also. But at least law enforcement stepped in that very day and took the mother, the 17yro, and the random relative who brought the newborn to the hospital into custody.

What I’m most concerned with with these other two cases is a lack of urgency.
They letting these people walk around freely… The last people to be seen with these children.. is negligent in itself. These people could be hiding and damaging evidence. They are more than likely doing more harm that good.

— An 11 year old had a baby? What?

— @erikak, it’s so fucked up. 😖😭
It was in Missouri. The 17-year-old Who was related to her admitted to having sexual intercourse with her over 100 times. 💔