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Can someone please tell me what does it mean to be a helico…

Can someone please tell me what does it mean to be a helicopter mom because according to my mother that’s what I do🤷🏽‍♀️


— Oh no lol I'm the opposite! I just let my son go (not out of sight of course) and he plays and explores and interacts with other kids. I see the moms that are walking right behind their kids with a hand hovering behind their heads just in case they fall or bump something lol in my opinion, kids are pretty good managing their coordination and environment. But to each their own. Also, helicoptering is way worse when it's about school. Parents who are nitpicking everything the teacher does... I had a parent complain once because I marked someone's test before marking her son's test. How is that even a thing? 🤦‍♀️

— @momof5brats oh yeah that's different then! Wouldn't call you a helicopter parent then 😁

— @momof5brats my parents think it's okay to drive somewhere and put the kid on your lap... things used to be so different.

— @erikak, that’s crazy my older son tried doing that once and I let him have it

— You hover 😂 my MIL calls me one. I just take it as a compliment and that I’m attentive to my babies needs 🤷🏽‍♀️

— @momsterr, plus she is too friendly and loves saying hi to EVERYONE

— @momof5brats, oh no! Lucky for me my gen is too shy 😂! Definitely don’t even worry about it girl. There’s nothing wrong with hovering lol

— @momsterr, I am not worried I just didn’t know what she was talking about

— I'm called a helicopter mom by my family they say its because I'm always right where my son is and I need to let him experience life with out me right there

— @dragontrainer1, oh lol maybe she is a little bit right

— @dragontrainer1, that’s another reason I do that

— @momof5brats yeah I dont care though as he gets older he gets more space though and I'm his mom not them I just laugh at them and say oh well your not his mom