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Was I wrong? 🤔 I took my 6 year old to school this morning…

Was I wrong? 🤔
I took my 6 year old to school this morning and the way it’s set up is kids hang backpacks outside classrooms in hallway. I was watching him from the office door because he asked me to. His teacher stands outside the classroom door to greet the students. He is in a reading group and has a plastic packet that has tons of reading material to read every night. Well he dropped it and there were probably 50+ papers scattered on ground . I watched him for a bit and so did the teacher. The 1st bell rang so I walked over to help him pickup the rest. The teacher scolded me and said I shouldn’t have helped him. She said she could’ve helped but didn’t .
🤷🏻‍♀️ I seen my kid struggling and didn’t want him to be embarrassed or late .


— I dont understand why this needs to be said all the time, but kids are people too! They deserve help and respect. Just because they are smaller and younger doesn't mean we get to treat them as lesser beings who need to be "taught a lesson". I can't stand when people tell me to "discipline" my child harsher or whatever. He. Is. Not. A. Dog.

— 💯 thank you
I wonder if it’s because she doesn’t have children? I really don’t know , but it’s a natural reaction to help when someone else is in need . I thought it was weird that she was just watching him . It wasn’t until she scolded me . I was kinda lose for words and taken a back .

— Wouldn’t it make more sense to help and teach children kindness toward others rather than standing back and watching someone struggle? You did the right thing

— Thank you , I felt bad about the situation.

— Ugh I can’t stand teachers like that. I would of helped my child. I’d help anybody who dropped a bunch of papers it’s just how I was raised.

— That’s not okay from a teacher it doesn’t matter what age the child is.. wtf!!!

— I told her he’s capable of picking up papers but thought I would help him . So I’m not crazy? I thought it was kinda mean how she just stood there watching him so I went over . He looked up for me half way through and I gave him a thumbs up meaning you are doing good . After bell rang is when I went to help since she was just standing there . That’s when she said I shouldn’t have helped him . 🤷🏻‍♀️ lets just say I won’t miss her next year . I loved his kindergarten teacher,she was so good to the kids .

— No matter the age, you’re taught to help others when they need help. I’ve helped adults pick up objects they’ve accidentally dropped. Not wrong at all mom👏🏽

— I would have completely ignored her and continued to help him. If I see anyone drop anything, no matter their age, I. Will. Help.

— I would have definitely helped my child. Since the schools not teaching children to help others when in need. That’s horrible how they handled that situation. The teacher should atlest helped.

— Umm...shes not my teacher...back off lady. I would have helped an adult who did it, why would a child not deserve the same. I am not looking forward to putting my kids in school

— I would have been like uh well he's my kid & he needed the help. Why are teachers snarky 😒

— I’m not understanding this either. Helping a child pick up stacks of papers is not helicoptering. It’s called compassion. That teacher is strange.

— I would have went to help my kid too 🤷🏼‍♀️

— That lady is nutty. It’s not like he needed to learn a lesson on how to independently pick up papers.

— My son's teacher has the same approach. He is 6 as well and I totally feel the same as you.

— I agree they should learn to be independent but I’m 38 and if I drop papers on ground I get embarrassed 😳. He handled it well I just helped him towards the end when the bell rang .

— @squishymommy1, @jellybeans33, the other teacher across from her just gave me a blank stare . I was like really? I didn’t know I was doing wrong? I let him do on his own for a bit, it’s just a reaction to help . 😑

— If anyone drops a lot of papers I’m going to help 🤷🏼‍♀️. 1 or 2 probably not. A big stack? Yeah.

— Ummm no. He’s 6! It’s okay for him to need help! 😡.