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So serious question, how do I get my three year old to stop…

So serious question, how do I get my three year old to stop playing with his privates???? Like I mean at anytime he will just be playing with it and we constantly telling him to get his hands out of his pants 😐 we talked to his pediatrician and she told us that it’s normal for his age and didn’t give any advice. He is 100% potty trained day and night so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it since his dad taught him how to stand and aim???


— My 3 n4 year old have never done this... but I would say redirect and have him do something else and make sure he washes his hands.

— Boys never stop playin with it lol It’s a phase he will grow out of eventually. Just keep reminding him where doing that is not appropriate.

— We tell my son that it’s ok to touch your privates as long as you’re in the bathroom or bedroom when you aren’t around others.

— We just remind our guy that he can’t do it in public. But it started pretty regularly during potty training.

— He’s been potty trained for awhile now but my husband jsut recently got him standing up to pee instead of sitting and was telling him how to aim into the toilet so I don’t know if that’s why he picked it up or if it was normal...I’m happy it’s normal and not just my kid lol

— My son also does that I noticed it started more when we did potty training. It’s not a bad thing, boys are learning they are boys at this age. If anything it’s good that they are starting to become aware of their body, next year they will be obsessed about something else like probably their nipples or something idk boys are weird! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

— Boys are 100% weird 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 and I have another boy who I’ll probably go through the same thing with him! Thank goodness our last is a girl but my luck I’ll be dealing with that 😂

— It is totally normal. Really u don’t wanna shame him or punish him for doing it. Just keep telling him that it’s not ok to do in public but privately it’s normal for him to explore his body, it’s just the same as then finding their hands and feet it’s just another body part to him ya know?

— @paigerue2013, yea I didn’t think u did but wanted to make sure haha. Ugh I know I have 2 boys and when they found their penis it was constant. Just keep reminding him it’s a private thing ans should only be done in privacy and eventually he will get it

— @ss3mom, I hope so cuz he’s going to pre-k soon and I’m like uhhh you can’t be doing that 😂😂😂

— @paigerue2013, well it’s nothing the teachers haven’t seen before lol.

— My 4 yr old still does. Now he has started holding himself outside his pants. At nights he will go to sleep with his hand down his underwear

— My sons obsessed. In public I have to remind him but he stops. I also say to do it in his room only that it’s private.

— My son does it too I told him that when he’s around people he shouldn’t touch himself there, that’s only for in private

— My almost 2 year old daughter does this all the time, I’m always washing her hands.

— Same! His ped told me it’s just curiosity, told me to make sure I use the correct term for it but didn’t give advice on how to get him to stop doing it in public 🙄

— @paigerue2013, it’s annoying seeing it all the time but yep, it’s just part of curiosity.

— It’s totally normal. Why wouldn’t he? It feels good. I would tell him “that’s for private time. Go to your room to do that.”