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Okay question guys! Who do you think is the turtle on the m…

Okay question guys! Who do you think is the turtle on the masked singer? I personally think the turtle is either Shawn Mendez or Joey McIntyre, white tiger is Rob gronkowski and the kangaroo is Jordan sparks .


— White tiger is totally gronk!! The kangaroo I was thinking may be either jordan sparks or Iggy... And monster I think is Macy Gray... The turtle may be a boy bander I think.... I was thinking like aj from backstreet boys

— They already unmasked miss monster and now I’m thinking turtle is either Joey McIntyre or Jesse McCartney but more of Jesse now that I’m looking and listening to his clues carefully and his voice, I heard someone say they think the turtle is nick carter but I don’t think so and right his cow clue was obvious and he is massive just like gronk! I’m thinking sparks for kangaroo

— @missscissorhands ooooooh yeah my bad! I seem that episode and everything lol. It was chaka khan 🤣

— I’m thinking Jesse McCartney so far

— Turtle I think is Jesse McCartney, tiger I think is John Cena and kangaroo I have no idea

— @jessicalaneee, Woods is a good guess but I’m leaning toward Sparks. She lost 4 loved ones in a single week, she lost her stepfather last year, she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, she was nominated for a Grammy, she won AI on May 23rd, she has a younger brother, she has a child (little Roo), she was thrown into the spotlight in a negative way over her comments about purity rings and then again when her now husband posted a pic of him with another woman, she refers to her son as “DJ”, she and Leah were both guest judges on RuPauls Drag Race (sat at the same table), Leah was in DWTS, Sparks said she is terrified on dancing in public but is willing to try (Leah giving her the courage to do something new), etc.

Honestly, Woods and Sparks are both great guesses and a lot of the clues can apply to both of them.

— @missscissorhands I didnt know all that on sparks. My first guess was woods so i never looked into clues relating on sparks. Now that you've said all that, i can see it being either of them. If its sparks shes definitely holding back her voice. This is my first season watching it and it's definitely a show that makes you think and do some research 😂 but in hooked

— @jessicalaneee, im soo hooked on this show she actually sing the anthem in the 2008 & 2011 super bowl and yes girl I love me sparks plus my brother refreshed my memory so o was like oh my god yes your right it can be actually her(sparks) and also see how Chaka kan held back her voice I think Jordan is doing the same thing but all the clues point to both of them so we shall see which one is the kangaroo when it’s time

— It sounds identical to Jesse McCartney, I cant even think it's someone else.
I think the kangaroo is jordyn woods, and I'm with you on the white tiger

— The white tiger is so massive that it instantly came in my head as rob gronkowski

— @missscissorhands I think the clues all pointed to him as well, especially the last set. The receiver off the hook was the only one that didnt, because hes a tight end.