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Does anyone on here have panic attacks? I’m beginning to th…

Does anyone on here have panic attacks? I’m beginning to think I’m having them sometimes. What do they feel like?


— It’s seriously taking the biggest toll on me.

— @raisinglittlegamers, @bodybycheetos, @beezmommy, @lizibear84, lately my heart will pound out of my chest and I’ll feel like I’m losing all control of my surroundings (if that makes sense) panic attack possibly? It doesn’t last very long but maybe 3 seconds.

— @bbgirlmama
Have you had this since your Youngest was born or just recently?
I'm asking because PPA is a thing. It's like PPD but with anxiety not depression

— @raisinglittlegamers, it’s rough. I’ve tried looking past it and I just can’t. I have my license but I honestly can’t tell you the last time I drove myself somewhere. Probably 2015. When I got pregnant with my oldest, that’s when I started noticing anxiety with myself. I didn’t have it before. It’s worsened so bad in just 2 years.

— @raisinglittlegamers, I never had anxiety until I got pregnant and then it worsened when my daughter was born. I went from living with my parents to getting pregnant and moving in with my boyfriend in a different city, never leaving the apartment when he was at work because I was so nauseous with that pregnancy and I really think that’s what started it. Before I got pregnant I drove everywhere by myself.

— I get tunnel vision, pulse racing, face feels hot and palms get sweaty, body starts quivering

— Like a heart attack
Chest tightening
Hard to breathe

— Depends on how bad. Sometimes I feel like my heart rate is really slow and I get dizzy. Other times I can feel how fast my heart rate is and also dizzy and feel sick and like my head is cloudy and I can't take a full breath.

— So for me it depends on how severe. But I get chest tightening
Light headed
Ears ringing

If it's bad enough I'll pass out to the floor