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Ladies posted on here Thursday with my blue dye test AF was…

Ladies posted on here Thursday with my blue dye test AF was supposed to come on the 13th and i just spotted but a lil took a pink dye today and another vvfl can i possibly be pregnant?


— I see something but it doesnt seem to have color to it. Did it come up in the allotted time frame ? Does it have color in person ?

— I don't think its positive. I dont see a vvvfl

— I see a line! Test again tomorrow and the next few days!

— I been tested Thursday and today and the lines don’t get darker but AF hasn’t shown up i have had lower back pains sore boobs nausea and getting acne something i don’t ever get

— @malorie, maybe see if you can see your OB and get a blood test. They can check you now and again in 3 days to see if the HCG levels have risen to give you peace of mind.

— @boymama523, yea will have to do that if AF don’t show

— I se a faint line
It could be positive
Re test in a few days

— It definitely looks like a faint positive. You could be. The spotting could be implantation bleeding 🩸.

— Wouldn’t the lines be darker by now if I’m 3 days late

— @malorie,
Depends on you HCG to be honest. It definitely should be getting darker as the day’s go bye tho. As other said test again in few day’s