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37 weeks to day #myfirstpost

37 weeks to day #myfirstpost


— WOW👀👀👀👀👀

— Ultrasound from the year 2000. I'd say you're quite overdue

— That’s the birth day. Us is from 11/27/19 which wouldn’t make her 37 weeks.

— @massmomma16 ooooop lmao. My bad😬

— @lii94 I did the same thing lol

— @kellycoco @jill75
Go away with the fakeness 🤦🤦

— If you’re gonna come on here and be a fake...you need to be smarter. 🤥 Just sayin....

— @jill75
Peep the name and location

— Why's the ultrasound say Elenia but your profile says Jill? 🤔
Also the US date wouldn't put you at 37 weeks. 🤔🤔

— Is your name Jill, Kelly or Samantha? 🤔