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Lately my son has been HORRIBLE at nap time . He’s been on …

Lately my son has been HORRIBLE at nap time . He’s been on a set napping schedule since June . Lately it takes me over an hour to get him down. And that’s with 30+ mins of screaming literally blooding murder and me having to hold him. He’s tired when I start putting him down. But he’s like refusing . He just wants to play, watch his show , be w his dad etc . Any tips for this ? Anyone go through this ?


— My 4 year old don't take naps with her dad
And my one year old is not taking her nap.
So I will just lay down with her and turn everything off. It works

— Avoid any sugar with lunch, juice fruit etc. Offer filling things with veggies and milk. And I agree with a mom above about quieting down an hour before nap time. Can you be strict and just say we’ll read two books then cuddle and sing two songs then in your bed you go. That’s what we had to do with my son and after 2-3 days he stopped crying and it sometimes takes him awhile (30 mins) to fall asleep but he does without whining and crying bc he knows I won’t rock him forever.

— @boymama523, the doctor said at his last appointment when his lips were raw that it’s normal with paci babies . We didn’t take it til about 18 months old

— @briannalynn547, good to know. I hope it gets better for you guys. Sometimes a little crying will go a long way and (if he can stop picking or not hurt himself) he’ll learn to self soothe. Does he like stuffed animals or teethers to chew on?

— @boymama523, he likes stuffed animals to a point of play. Like he treats them like baby’s but they don’t really help him at bed time . I’ve tried to dedicate certain ones just to bed time and be like hold your teddy but it only lasts a few mins . Never has been into teethers much

— Can you put him down about 15-20 min earlier? He may be overtired and that always makes my son more likely to fight going to sleep.

— I’ve tried a bit earlier and a bit later . The result stays the same lol

— I would do quiet time an hour leading up to nap. Quiet books, quiet toys. No tv, no electronics etc and see if that winds him down enough to not fight it.

— That’s a good idea ! We always do story time before naps and bedtime . It works at bed time . When it’s over I let him go through it himself then he says all done and just lays on his pillow . Nap time , not so much 🤣

— @briannalynn547, he’s a stinker. I would try the quiet time.

— @whereswaldo, def gonna give that a try tomorrow! Thank you !!!

— Just keep pushing through and it will pass. If he’s going down at daycare with no problem then he still needs his nap. My son has gone through phases of being difficult at nap time.

— It’s like he has to make the biggest deal 😭🤣 at daycare I think he notices oh everyone else is so I have to do it too.. but home he’s like hey I’m the only one here let me run shit 🤦🏻‍♀️😭🤣

— @briannalynn547, Yep, he’s testing boundaries! Stick to it and he’ll learn that you’re not going to budge. It’s no fun but it’ll be worth it in the end. Good luck!

— @ekko, thank you!

— My daughter is this way at bed time and when she wakes up in the middle of the night . I have no tips. It just to say I feel you I’m living it also

— Maybe he’s ready to drop that particular nap? After 2 years old my son would only nap every few days

— He only naps once a day, if he doesn’t take it at the time I have him, he passes out around 4-5 then won’t go to bed. He’s also in day care and required to take a nap there daily with the other kids . He doesn’t give them a problem, only me 😭 and when he gets off of the schedule we noticed a HUGE change in his mood , behavior , and even like health in a way. He’ll refuse to eat the rest of the day etc