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Do you care if your SO didn’t get you anything today? 👀 lo…

Do you care if your SO didn’t get you anything today? 👀 lol
Also Happy Valentines Day! ❤️


— We celebrate. However he got me candy worms and a ballon last night. I was shook. But if he didn’t I wouldn’t care.

— Sweet! I would appreciate a gift every now and then but mine doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body 🤦🏻‍♀️

— I didn’t want anything lol. Just a card

— @dontspankme, gimme your address 🥰😘😏

— @bunsinmyoven, don’t play with my emotions because I will 😂

— @dontspankme, 🎶 girl you know it’s true

— No, I could care less.

Mine told me to get something nice and he will pay me back. Lol.

— Smart idea haha

— We don't celebrate Valentine's day because our anniversary was just a lil over a week ago.

He got me the mozerella sticks pizza from Pizza hut and a heart shaped pizza lol. I kept seeing the commercial for the mozerella sticks one and told him how much I wanted to try it.

Since out GF is like 8 hours away we emailed her a giftcard to her favorite restaurant. She was a little upset because she didn't have the money to give us anything

— @raisinglittlegamers, same food is life!! That looks soo freaking good

— @dontspankme
It's sooo good. They had Nestle but the store brand was cheaper so I got it.

— @raisinglittlegamers, I’ve always been meaning to pick it up. Putting on a list now my diet is gonna hate me lmao

— I don’t expect anything so I don’t care if he doesn’t get me anything but I did ask for a milkshake and I’ll be sad if he forgets 😂

— Lmao I could go for a milkshake. What flavor you want?

— @dontspankme, I’m thinking Oreo cheesecake but could also go for just plain Oreo too 😂

— @tipsymermaid, I hope you get it! Sounds so good

— I only expected maybe chocolates because he knows my addiction. Lol so it would have made me a bit sad in the inside if I did not get any. But nothing that would make me act petty.

— @dontspankme, it is okay to feel sad.

— @icebergahead, aww sweet! Enjoy the chocolates girl

— @dontspankme, thanks. You have a wonderful Valentines💖💖💖💖💖

— I don't expect anything but he usually gets me something little.

— I don’t expect anything but low key expect something, feel me? 😆 idk if these AirPods I got yesterday is a gift but he lost mine so he owed me it.

— @dontspankme lmao he might think so. 😂