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This might be a tmi question (we’re all women on here, I ho…

This might be a tmi question (we’re all women on here, I hope. 🙈) but how long is too long to wear a pad? I feel like I need to change it every hour to 2 hours and I’m going through pads like no one’s business. 🤦🏻‍♀️


— After having my first my periods became 10x more awful!! Heavier and more cramps I had to change my pads like you said every two hours!.... But I did use tampons after a while. I’m with you, menstrual cups terrify me!! I’ve always wanted to try them but I’m terrified. I only just started using tampons before getting pregnant with my first and I was like 20 years old on my first try. Maybe I’ll try a cup one day but it took me forever to get the guts to try tampons.

— Glad I’m not the only one afraid of them.

— If I’m heavyish every bathroom run if not every other.

— During the day Id say maybe 4 hours depending on how heavy it is. Mine varies sometimes. But if I’m going to bed I won’t change it till I wake up.

— Get a menstrual cup!

— @bbgirlmama, it’s legit life changing though!!!

— @massmomma16, maybe I’ll look into it. You have to understand though, I’m 26 and I’ve never even used a tampon

— @bbgirlmama, they have small ones!