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Quick question.

What's the 'normal' amount of sleep a newborn should be having in one period? For example my newborn slept 4 hours straight is that normal?,

Will give birth story soon to, been a while since I been on here as was up hospital twice a week for almost a month so been a busy time πŸ˜­πŸ˜…

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β€” I think its feed every 3h. Congratulations hun btw πŸ€—xx

β€” I was going to say around three hours because of feedings , but it’s normal for them to sleep a lot I’ve had to wake mine up a good few times for feeds when they were tiny tiny xx

β€” @mrsmowmow @erincharlieconor Thank you girls, I can't remember with my other two how much or long they slept probably because I never wanted to think of the whole sleep deprived time again lmao

β€” My daughter was 4 hours between feeds then within a week was 6 but she was gaining wait like no tomorrow. Plus she was a very very very sleepy baby but the midwife and health visitor weren’t concerned. X

β€” That's good, my daughter is 4 days old today, I have the 5 day old heel prick with health visitor tomorrow so I probably just mention it see what she says, I'm pretty sure I was always told to never wake a sleeping baby πŸ˜‚

β€” Congratulations πŸ€— both mine was sleepy babies specially after birth it takes it out of them, mine went 4 hours between. If she's back above birth weight you can let her wake up in the night as long as she's having what she needs throughout the day. You are ment to wake them every 2-3 but id not leave her any longer than 4 hours till a few weeks old. Xx