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So I think my one year old is having her terrible 2's now w…

So I think my one year old is having her terrible 2's now which is a blessing and a curse 😂

I was wondering how other mamma's deal with them?

Cause at the moment I'm just acknowledging it, putting a name to her feelings and placing her in her cot in her room for a couple of minutes so she calms down as she seems to get worse if I stand there
She has also started to bite and pinch me out of temper.

Thanks everyone xx


— Personally don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would bite a child back. Literally makes me feel sick. How are we supposed to teach our children what they’re doing is wrong, by showing them that you do it too? Children lead by example.

— It's a old practice. Personally I wouldn't bite my child either cause it's not proving anything other than mummy does it too so it's ok

— Sounds like you’re already doing a great job at redirecting her. As Vix said, when she hits out at you remind her to use gentle hands, show her what you mean on her and on you. She’s only little, it’s honestly just a phase, she’s just exploring her emotions and finding out what causes reactions. The only thing I would maybe change is using her cot as a way to separate her from you. She may start to associate the cot with being naughty and it could cause issues further on trying to get her to sleep. Don’t bite or hit or back, all she’ll get from that is that her mummy is hurting her. It’s actually illegal in Scotland(where I am) to hit your kids and I’m sure that will roll out to the rest of the U.K. soon enough.

— She don't sleep as it is so it makes no difference..
I never react to her biting me all I tell her is ouch that hurts mummy and that she shouldn't bite cause that's not nice. If she stays in the room she winds herself up waiting to get a rise out of me. But when I put her in her cot she calms down quicker only leave her in there for like a minute or less. Just until she stops the worst of the tantrum and then that's when I can pick her up and distract her easily fair enough it don't work most of the time but also I think people are missing the point of my post now.
I wanted to see what other parents did when there child tantrums because not that I'm doubting my own methods. Just wanna see if there's any more effective options that I can do to improve her behaviour before my little boy arrives

— @kellyhollis1996, aww no don’t feel like that, it sounds like you’re doing exactly what’s appropriate for her age. My sons a bit older but I pretty much do the same thing when he has a tantrum. I’ll either try to talk hi through it to find out what exactly is bothering him or if he’s just intent on kicking off, providing he’s safe and can’t hurt himself I leave him to it until he calms down. I’ll go to the kitchen or whatever and the same as your daughter it’s usually enough for him to bring himself out of it. Redirection and the patience to wait it out if redirecting isn’t working is all you can really do. Don’t doubt yourself, it sounds like you’re doing all you can.

— @mariapb it's just that cause she's physically behind right now I'm getting a bit worried cause I'm due to give birth to my son in 17 weeks and I want to ensure that I have a good grip on how to deal with her behaviour because I'm about to go on a journey of trying to get her up to speed physically with physio while I can physically do it myself before my son is born because I know I'm gonna have my hands full with my newborn because they require alot of my attention and I want ideally my daughter to be at a stage where I can get her involved so she doesn't get jealous which I know will create another problem I guess I'm just panicking and apprehensive of what's about to come

— She is still a young baby. She won’t understand time out or physical punishments. Don’t entertain biting back - that’s an assault. I’ve seen a friends husband be forced to leave the family home and charged for doing it. Convicted and lost his job. Literally lost his world.
Lots and lots of positive praise. Biting and slapping - biting push whatever she is biting into towards her and it means she can’t bite. Slapping, hold her hands gently, but firmly if that makes sense and tell her ‘nice hands’ over praise when she doesn’t. She is learning to communicate and whatever you show her is how she will react in the future if that makes sense. Believe me it’s hard and I’ve had to change my ways - the way I dealt with my eldest is very different to my younger ones. I’ve had to do various parenting classes etc for my autistic one and it’s amazing the difference little things make. We all parent differently, but remember she’s your child and do what works for you and her. She can’t probably also sense you’re pregnant and big changes are coming. Being consistent will help her adjust to that too xx

— Let's clear a few things up I haven't ever bit my child back. There's no point for one she always puts her fingers in my mouth and I nibble them and so she associates with play. If I hold her hands at all she pulls them back and screams the house down.
All I do for her now is if she bites I tell her it hurts mummy and put her in her cot for a few minutes because she normally bites me when she's tantruming. But I've been naming her emotions etc.
Not being funny but that massive paragraph feels very aggressive.
Of course she won't understand it yet but if you don't start nothing they will never learn anything

— @kellyhollis1996, I’m not being aggressive at all and I’m sorry you took it that way. If she calms in her cot that works for both of you so why change it? Tantrums are hard for all I have all ages and my 10 year old needs time out, the 4 year old a cuddle and another needs to get outside and run it off. It’s what works for you.
I wasn’t saying you had bitten what you’re doing is what most of us would do, someone else commented saying bite back I was just giving and example of someone who has done that and lost his world. A really lovely dad who adores his children and now can’t live with them.
I think you’re doing what works please don’t think I was having a go at you because I wasn’t.

— I had this with my daughter
Be consistent I know it’s hard when they are screaming in your face to do something and their way of saying sorry but with the biting the only way I got my daughter to stop was to bite her back hard enough for her to feel and know it wasn’t acceptable behaviour
With the slapping if she was on the sofa with me I’d put her on the floor or walk away

— @kellyhollis1996, yeah that’s fair enough ☺️sorry I didn’t mean for it to come out in a wrong way 😐
You’re doing a good job by introducing the cot as a time out method
It will take time for her to adjust to the situation and will know she’s done wrong

I did try the whole fake cry and holding my arm or face when she bite or hit me but she just laughed and thought it was funny 😑

— @dannielle96 I swear Olivia is the same I tried the bite back tip and she finds it hilarious 😂😂 and she's very clever I mean she says over 20 words intellectually she's advance just physically she's lacking x

— @kellyhollis1996, with my son he’s just got into the pinching stage I move his hand out the way and if he carry’s on I raise my voice slightly to say no and do a light tap on the hand to say it hurt , he pulls a sad face then goes bad mumma 😐😐😐😐

I done the same with my daughter also

That’s really good for her age and she will get there :)x