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Just curious, at what age did your kids learn to read? My s…

Just curious, at what age did your kids learn to read? My son is 3 and is reading new books almost entirely on his own 😭😭😭


— Like actually reading? Or just reciting from memory? My toddler does that from a few books we’ve read 5,000 times. But he is no where near reading on his own

— It was a new book so definitely not reciting the book itself from memory but I think maybe the sight word thing we’ve been doing is helping a lot.

— Maybe something he has read at school?

— @ekko, maybe. But he read a meme as I was scrolling through Facebook so I mean, he’s recognizing words not just memorizing books 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Honestly a lot of kids don’t learn to read till kindergarten or first grade so whatever your doing is amazing!

— Right! Almost unbelievably amazing.

— He’s far from reading chapter books but he’s always loved when we read to him. I think being in school full time since September has helped him a lot also 😊

— My son uses his books to build with 🤦🏼‍♀️

— @madmummy yes I mean he does build some really awesome towers with books haha now only if he would want to read the story.

— @dragontrainer1, I loved building houses and stuff with books as a kid it’s some of my favorite memories 😂

— @madmummy I did the same thing lol

— I’m like her. I’m trying to teach my 3 year old but she doesn’t seem to be interested. Any advice?!

— That’s amazing! I’m teaching mine now she just turned three not that long ago ! Any advice ?

— Practice with sight words! Flash cards or even educational videos with words. My son is in a language based Pre-K and I think that’s helped a lot too.