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I wanna know how Many of you mommy’s got over a cheating faze with your significant other?! And it don’t gotta be physical cheating , mentally cheating where he giving his time and energy talking to another female?!

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— I never got over it. It eventually was one of many things that ended the relationship..

— @mary925, that is cheating girl... cheating doesn’t only mean physical touch.. if he’s doing all of that and hiding it, he’s still cheating...

— @mr.aidensmommy, yeah I know Smfh it just sucks we just move in together like 3/4 months now into our place I can’t break a lease but if he keeps it up I guess no renewing the lease. We will have to go separate ways. I been with him for 5/6 years and we been friends for 10-15years before dating

— @mary925, I’m sorry you have a past and he put loosing you in jeopardy and I’m extremely sorry that you are going through this girl.. my heart goes out to you. I know it’s hard.. now all you can do is be the best mom you can and show your daughter then you don’t need to depend on any man to be happy. Once you learn the rules of self love, god will bring someone who will show you the love you’ve always wanted and deserved.. and it will show her to never put up with anything.

— It’s not easy

— Sure not

— I am over it but I don’t feel the same way I used to feel about him. Time did heal my heart but my love for him died when I found out what he did. I did try to make it work, at least I can say that much I did really try.

— I feel like I’m going to be that way too not care.

— You don’t you get rid of them because they just keep it up 🤷🏼‍♀️no trust no nothin

— @kush_queen420, oh damn. Yeah that wasn’t right on his part. Mine likes to work and he helps me financially. He just has a bad habit of flirting and asking for nudes and stuff like that but he hasn’t physically done anything he said the guilt would kill him. But talking to females is so disrespectful. That shit needs to stop.

— @mary925, yup that’s how it all starts

— @kush_queen420, if he does man his whole sisters and cousins and mom would whoop his ass they already told him Infront of me you will be a fool to do her dirty

— Cheating isn’t a phase. It’s a active choice one makes. It’s not something I’d be willing to forgive nor should I have too.

— I agree 1000%

— So my two best friends and I had an apartment together. My boyfriend moved in and guess what 😂😂😂😂 MY BEST FRIEND WAS FUCKING HIM WHILE I WAS SLEEPING OR AT WORK. Tf I hate bitches 😂🙄 they together now though and he cheats on her every other day 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @kush_queen420, oh well cause now I have my two kids and my SO 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @mary925, right I hate when women think that they’re going to be different like noooo. I’ll just sit back and watch him do the same thing to you.

— @momtoboys1516, girl right. The girl I caught him talking to I called and text her this is the second time I gave you a first warning this my last warning. She cry a river about her baby daddy doing her wrong well ok here you go trying to destroy someone family. I haven’t even spoken to my boyfriend i just been ignoring him while in the house. I even put a big as pillow in the middle like bro don’t touch me. I been furious hella thinking what to do. Is hard when we live together.