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Hope this isn’t too much to post

Hope this isn’t too much to post I’m just so in love with my belly y’all. I will be 34 weeks tomorrow!

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— Cute belly whats the tittie for lol

— Thanks 😂 Lol it happen to be in the right place at the right time I guess. Quick pic jumping out the shower.

— There are men on this app. Just FYI

— @cams, yeah I’ve seen the creeps. Not too fond of them but creeps are everywhere. Trust me I get where you were coming from. Like I told @yoshi_2.0, at least my face isn’t in it so there’s that positive 🤷🏼‍♀️ I knew there would be comments like yours so I just wanted to let everyone know I was aware of the situation and comfortable with my decision of posting my pic. I know there were no ill intentions 😊

— @ekko, girl I know. I’m chill. Trust me.

— @ekko, for real. I’ve had a creeper save my photos on here then make a fake profile and use them. Smh. Better safe than sorry

— Nip check and you're clear. Cute bump.

— No nips to show here girl 😂 thank you!

— @hollieletcher01 lol I always double check

— Such a cute belly! I can’t believe you have NO stretch marks!! My belly looked like a tiger attacked me when I was 34 weeks 😂

— @yoshi_2.0, I can’t even see them. I think it’s a genetics thing 🤦‍♀️ I look so terrible lol I think I posted a pic of me when I was pretty far along with all the stretch marks. You’re looking beautiful!

— @yoshi_2.0, I was so scared they were gunna stay dark after I gave birth to my first baby boy. Not that I minded them at all. The woman’s body is a beautiful vessel and stretch marks are proof of just how amazing we are as women but it just shocked me when they turned so much after I had him.

— @alr0407, girl your body is beautiful. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. I love my mommy marks. They remind me just how awesome, unique, and powerful we are as women.

— Beautiful 🥰

— Do as you please. Pretty sure everyone’s been having this argument about body showing since last Sunday’s Super Bowl. It’s such a wonderful belly! Makes me miss having one ❤️

— Thank you so much girl! I love my pregnant belly!

— And this is why we warned you

— She doesn’t need a warning. She’s a grown woman and can make her own decisions on what she wants to wear or not wear. Just like JLO and Shakira 😆

— @outnumbered, 🤣🤣