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This was posted on my fb. Thoughts?

This was posted on my fb. Thoughts?

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— She ignorant as hell. Idgaf how much a man take care of home. Doeant give them the power to cheat n do what they want tf

— Truth , i know someone who stayed with her cheating husband because of her kids and honestly idk how because i would NEVER trust my husband nor would i ever sleep with him again and that ruins a marriage in itself so no , if ya mans is stepping all over you then u leave . It’s called respecting yourself and knowing ur worth . Tf .

— I think society and economics had a lot to do with that. Women didn't have educations like we have, they literally depended on their husbands for everything. I think people do call it quits pretty easily in some cases, but I don't think infidelity was as rampant then either. It happened but wasn't the norm like it is today. I think if they could have left and made it on their own, they would have.

— I think someone who makes a woman feel like shit for leaving a marriage after a man is unfaithful is ignorant nobody deserves to a be a second choice and nobody should have to stay because their being taken care of thats the problem women are taught to think they need a man to survive

— Back in the day women didn’t work and depended on men. They would be taught to obey their husband. It was just different.

— Lmao well then there dumb. For wasting time on someone who wouldn’t commit to them or there kids I’d rather be alone it’s easier 💯

— My parents are gonna be together for 37 years this year and they’re miserable. My dad cheated on my mom left and right and I tell her all the time she should’ve left but her mom told her to stay because he took care of house even if he cheated. That’s ducking bullshit. I still don’t know why she’s still with him. He’s a wonderful father but a shitty husband.

— My parents are exactly the same. Even to this day my mom excuses him and will go off if he even says hi to another female. It’s not a healthy way to live. Her excuse is he’s sick and nobody is going to take care of her.

— Back in the day, things were totally different, my mom just found out my dad was cheating on her with her best friend, this is his second time cheating, they have been together 31 years, my mom, like I said just found out like 3 days ago and guess what? Shes still sitting in the house being his wife and crying herself to sleep every night questioning his ever move. Shes an idiot, I love my father, hes an amazing dad, but I wish my mom knew her worth.

— When I was about 10, my dad quit/was fired from his second job, didn’t tell my mom and opened up a bunch or credit cards in her name getting them into 10s of thousands of dollars of credit card dept so they could keep on living they way they were used to without him having to own up to anything. This went on for 2 years and he absolutely ruined her credit. She stayed with him because she had 3 kids, no recent job history and no where else to go. I’ve never understood her decision to stay. He left her 3 years ago. He says he wasn’t cheating, but I’m not sure I believe him.

— That is absolutely awful

— @kesh-kesh, sad thing is is that if he did that today, some jurisdictions would treat it as a crime and consider it spousal financial abuse. Which I would absolutely support. But also, this dick head is my dad and he’s never been that big of a dick head to me so I still love him.

— 30,40,50 years old lies and cheating isn’t celebratory, I wouldn’t eat to waste my time with someone who doesn’t live and appreciate me. If my man took care of our kids and I but cheated I’d leave in a heart beat.