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I never followed up with anyone since moving to Arizona so after two weeks i got a full tume hob but needed an extra cushion hubby was still looking i got a second job for three weeks untill he found something it was awful worked 80 something hours a week but after four weeks i got promoted to a department manager and hubby has a full time job im on track for another promotion and we are having our house built from the ground up life is good here so far ❤️❤️🌵

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— Proud of y’all! I thought your hubby transferred there with his job?? Where are you working?

— He decided not to it would have been a huge pay cut and the commute was not worth it we are doing very good so far and both work local the town we moved to is in the senoran dessert so its a good half hour away from the city we love it tho

— @billnyetherussianspy, that’s awesome I’m so happy for you guys!! Y’all are rocking this move and your pups are adorable too

— That’s amazing! You should be proud of yourself! I am happy for you guys ❤️❤️

— @phoenixxxx, property tax here is less then 1 percent 🙄

— @billnyetherussianspy, do you mind me asking how much are taxed here In New York they are about 14,000 it’s insane

— @alishap1212, .08 percent thats property Massachusetts is a ton

— Killin it

— @luna_bear, lmao guess so didn’t know that was a thing

— @billnyetherussianspy, When I moved out of New England I couldn’t believe how slow & unmotivated people were lol.

— @ekko, yes like holy shit

— Good shit girl!!! Was that your plan, move to AZ and build a house? That’s exactly what my guy wants to do. Start fresh.

— @billnyetherussianspy, gotcha! Still tho that’s amazing ☺️

— @wildchildmama, move here so i have a mom friend lol

— @billnyetherussianspy, I’m looking at places online lol I have been for weeks

— I’m in So NV. We travel to the Scottsdale area for my DH’s sled hockey events. I have never been down that far but a fellow player and his family live down there. They love it!

— Scottdale is pricy im south of scottdale lile headed towards tuscon

— @billnyetherussianspy, ya it is pricey. It was real nice though. Hi are you adjusting personally? That’s a big move!

— Where did you end up? Maricopa or chandler area?

— @billnyetherussianspy, idk if you remember but we briefly talked before you moved. I used to live in maricopa. In senita. I miss it a lot.

— @bigmama18, I’ll message you where i livr

— @bigmama18, its so easy to get a house here and put nothing down too

— That’s so awesome, congrats girl! Do you have family there? I’d love to move to a new state but I’ve never lived far from family so Idk. Even though my mom gets on my nerves I’d still miss her. Lol

— I haven’t been on this app much so I’m out the loop! Why did you move to AZ? How’s your daughter? You might have posted an update, maybe not.

— Long long story i moved to az three months ago message me

— @billnyetherussianspy, accept my follow back so I can message you 👍🏼

— @mojobebes, i did been at work all day haven’t been on much today