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Sooo my daughters dad thinks he doesn’t have to help with picking her up from school anymore or spending the whole weekend with her because his girlfriend just had a newborn baby and I’m pissed. If you and your child’s other parent split and you decide to have another child, you CANNOT forget your responsibilities and obligations to the older child just because you have a baby. “I have the baby so I can’t do blah blah blah”. Tf that gotta do w me and MY child w YOU? 🤔 if you cannot handle having more than one child at a time and still maintain your other responsibilities, you need to hit either Costco for a super box of condoms or the obgyn for a pack of bc pills because life goes on, new baby or not! You still need to help with pick ups, drop offs, games, school events, doctors appts, WHATEVER! You not being able to manage daily life duties because you have more than one child is nobodies issue but your own! If you can’t handle that life, you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex. This is beyond me I can’t stand this man.

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— Ugh I’d understand like the first week home with the newborn ... but after that hell no. You gotta learn to adjust brah.

— I wouldn't even understand the first week...if the kid lived with him he would still have to figure out pick up and drop off and the kid would be there 24/7

— @massgirl, exactly as mothers we have to adjust and figure it out even if we have a newborn, two sick kids and one that is cranky and doesn’t wanna corporate. The crazy thing is I didn’t make a big deal when he missed our daughters school event due to them planning the gender reveal the same day and time as her event. So it’s like I’ve been understanding but this is just too much. They need to figure something out and make it work.

— I get your frustrations. My ex husband did this crap too. I just stuck to the court order and took away time little by little because I was not about to subject my child to a stranger once he decided he wanted to pay attention to her again (btw that never happened, my husband is adopting her)

— I definitely don’t understand either. Don’t matter if you have another child or not.

— Exactly!

— My ex husband pulls this crap he'll want to come see them then cancel last minute because of his new wifes 3 yr old, that's not even his .