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well... now i’m four days late. so it’s safe to say i’m officially panicking a little. 🥴

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— Sometimes my period is off by a week. But you can always test!

— well i started new birth control and this will only be my second period while being on it so i’m just hoping it’s messing me up but any time i’ve switched in the past i’ve never had my period switch up so it’s hard to think that way. plus my doctor said i was still good just to take extra precaution the first month to be safe so we did and my period came as normal and ended normal. and i’ve had these weird cramps kinda like i had in the beginning with marley. at first i took them as a sign my periods coming and i swore one day there was some spotting happening but it was once and never again and now the cramps are pretty much gone so i’m freaking out. and i know people are gonna start their “sex makes babies incase you guys didn’t know” but honestly, they can go fuck themselves lmao. i’m taking all the precautions to avoid pregnancy. i’m not gonna stop having sex with my HUSBAND because somehow there’s that 1% chance my birth control will fail me. that’s not even realistic so people can save that shit lmao. not like we won’t step up and have the baby if i was, i just won’t be excited for a while cause i’m gonna lose my mind lol.

— @coffeebean, I’d test then. But birth control can mess your cycles up even if it hasn’t in the past. I was on the same pill after my second that I was on with my first and the second time around it really messed up my cycles

— @littleonemorning, that’s giving me hope!! i literally am begging god right now to just let me have my period lmao. like dude this isn’t on me this time, you did this, so give me back my period and stop playing with me PLEASE 😂🙏🏼🙏🏼 only perk i can see here is if i just did it now, i can get my tubes tied and be done with it all together and never have to take another birth control pill or pregnancy test in my life lol.

— Doooo it!!!

— Ohhhh, you should test!!

— @hilligermomx2, @hakunamafuckitall, i don’t even wanna see a test right now 😫🥴

— Aww I totally understand, you can always wait a couple more days too.

— @hilligermomx2, that’s probably what i’ll do. i’m hoping it just shows up.

— @coffeebean, For you I am too 🤞 Keep us posted!!

— Wait a few more days and test. Seems like you’ve been taking precautions but like you said there is always that scary 1% chance 😬 Switching could of messed up your cycle so just keep your fingers crossed that’s the case 🤞🏻

— god i’m begging thats the case lol. idc if it never shows up and it completely gets skipped. as long as i’m just not pregnant lol. but i’ll definitely keep everyone updated! can’t say i know when i will finally test but eventually i have to cause i’m not gonna wanna start my next pack of birth control if there’s a chance cause that’s not good obviously. so i’ll test in the next three days at the least.

— @coffeebean, good luck! ❤️🤞🏻

— Say what!!😍 I’d test just to make sure, but new birth control can mess it up the first 3-4 months so it could just be the bc ! Goodluck love!

— 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

— Ahhh shit 😳

— right

— @coffeebean, definitely been there more than once.

— @brownsugarluv, i have but it was because of missing a pill or being on nothing entirely. this time is shocking me lol.

— What birth control are you on?

— the pill, Junel-Fe

— I had a pregnancy scare last month! Even a test game back faintly positive and come to find out it was messed up and not positive at all. I ended up getting my period like 5 days later. I was so happy to see flo! 😂

— oh god that’s all i’d need is a faulty test that made me think it lmao. all that panic for nothing 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 pregnancy tests can be so annoying. why can’t the easy digital ones be cheap?!

— Hopefully it’s just the birth control

— i’ve literally been praying all day lol