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Third case of the Coronavirus in the UK, I hope the person recovers and hasn’t been around many people 😨

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— Yeah it's in brighton where I am 😩😩 x

— Oh god! Get some hand gel to put in your handbag if you are out and about xx

— No way!!! Thats where I am too 😯

— A woman in Austria tested positive and she walked out of hospital infecting god knows how many 🤬 selfish

— @amy89, blimey well in two weeks time more cases will arise! X

— @erincharlieconor atm it's not spreading as fast as it is in china but I reckon it'll be everywhere before we know it x

— @amy89, it is a possibility but I’m sure behind the scenes they are well prepared for it xx

— @erincharlieconor, @kelsey234, there’s gotta be another case then cause there’s one in Southampton 🤷🏼‍♀️

— @erincharlieconor, there was a guy in Southampton that had been quarantined in the uni in Southampton he had been taken to the hospital xx

— @ellieseandgirls, oh yes I don’t think that case was confirmed and he was discharged I think xx

— @erincharlieconor, ahhh okay that’s good cause that’s where I am haha 😩😆