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My virgin media bundle contract is over in June. Does it automatically continue or do I need to re sign etc? I did want to cancel it but might as well wait.

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— It’ll renew automatically. Give them a call though and see how much the new price will be. It normally goes up after your introductory offer.

— @erincharlieconor, that’s what I did. We had the full package for years, then went to NowTV and haven’t noticed the difference in tv. My contract with them ran out in October so I went back to Virgin for WiFi only. It’s not like you actually get to sit and watch tv with kids anyway! 🤷🏻‍♀️

— @mariapb, yeah feels like a rip off! How much is the WiFi only I just looked on the site and they have advertisements for 37 quid like what 😂exactly I only put it on of an evening and then I watch Netflix on my phone or YouTube when they’re asleep anyway!

— @erincharlieconor, I think we’re £24 a month. Try adding a landline to the package it makes it cheaper for some reason.

— That's weird they renew it. I know with sky we put you in a roll on contract. If I didn't work for sky and get everything free then I'd probably have the basic TV for Sophia and just have Internet and a smart TV. X

— Give them a phone and see what deals they got I do it every time and get a cheap deal xx