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I'm so upset my husband just informed me, that my 16 yr. Old daughter told him while I was gone that I was a bad Mom with too many kids, that I was dumb because I dropped out of school, that she wanted to part in meeting her new sister in December. I'm so broken and don't know what to do!

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— Beat her ass wish my kids would say something about me like that

— @meadlenaya41701 and I hope if the day does come she hits your ass right back. No excuse to hit your kid.

— And what good would that do? She’s a teenager. Teens say shitty things. They don’t think before they speak. Violence would only make her more angry and rude. She’ll grow out of it in time.

— Slap them with the words that come out your mouth . Not ur hands . They are your children though . You will do it what ever way you been doing it . I think a taste of they own medicine is best .

— She's 16. I wouldn't take it to heart. There's plenty of time for her come around

— geez.. what did ur hubby say to her when she said that?

— He said he sat back and listened, he said it was alot to take in

— Have a talk with her. It’s okay for kids to have opinions but it’s how they deliver them. Maybe she is upset over something and is lashing out by saying hurtful things. Do y’all generally have a close relationship? Maybe she is feeling left out or nervous that another baby is coming.

— @amymonroe27, to her she may be doing everything. It’s perspective. She is 16. I asked my son to clean up his toys and you would think I asked him to build a house from the ground up. How many other kids do you have? Are you able to spend one day a week for a few hours with your 16 yr old? Work on your bond. Listen to each others wants, concerns and discuss the positive things as well. She is 16 and she still needs you and desires your attention and approval. Praise her, include her, love her and make her feel important.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts she will have 7 when this baby is born

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts I have 6 kids one on the way, and my oldest 2 are adults and on there own. As of now there's 4 kids at home

— I’ve said some shitty things when I was teenager also. I wouldn’t hold too much stock on her words.

— It all started because I only had 2 eggs no bacon, sausage and she was tired of being bored

— Just ignore it. Or act like you don’t care. I’ve said some stuff I still apologize for 15 years later to my parents. Teenagers are grumpy assholes. That’s life. I’m sorry. She’ll grow out of it with time. Tell her to come to my house - we don’t eat meat. She’d be extra pissed off.

— @jennatess, 😂😂😂 I’m weak “we don’t eat meat, she’d be extra pissed”

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, 😂. Like girl, you could have it way “worse”.

— @jennatess, @beetlejuice_beetlejuice_beetlejuice, that’s just me y’all telling me your mom never hit you in the mouth I know damn well my mom would if I said something like that so yeah if my kid wants to talk that way they will get slapped that’s just mean

— @meadlenaya41701, You’re right. You seem like a great person.

— @meadlenaya41701, and how far have you gone in life? There have been studies done that children who’ve grown from abusive families tend to have not graduated high school, college is minimum to none, have unsteady relationships, have issues with finding solid work, anddddd also use violence with their children like they’re parents did with them. We already know that you’re okay with violence. But, tell us more? Did you beat the odds and become successful? Are you in a solid relationship with a good career? Did you prove these studies wrong?

— @jennatess lol that's great. Tell us more!!!! @meadlenaya41701

— Don’t abuse my kids but for sure will slap them if they talk to me crazy I gave them life no way in hell my kids gonna talk to me that way or about me that way I know damn well I would never to my mom but that’s just me my kids wanna talk like that and think they grown I will slap them don’t care what y’all think

— That's abuse. But keep trying to justify it.

— That's abuse.

— That's definitely abuse what In the world is wrong with you! Your poor children

— Teenage angst. The part about having too many kids and not wanting to deal with the baby tells me that's a cry for attention. She doesn't know how to verbally say she is feeling ignored that the other kids have your focus. You should try to start having one on one time with each kid. Yes toddlers and babies consume us but our other children dont understand that with compassion. They understand all mom cares about is the new baby. It's a tough pill to swallow but we are all learning. I suggest finding out her love language so you can fill her needs quickly. But keep in mind love languages can change if one starts lacking.

— @ekko, well I know I ain’t talk to my mom like that because she would slap the fuck out me sorry not sorry don’t care what y’all think if my daughter talked to me that why I’m slapping her in the mouth and don’t say I abuse my kids for saying that or whatever but I know damn well my kids will talk to me and about me with respect 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ that’s just me

— @meadlenaya41701 a slap across the matter how abuse🙄 should really take the advice these women are giving you. It's not your fault you think the way you do. We can blame it on your mother. But you don't have to live up to statistics by continuing the abuse. This is a different time then when you were raised. If you got caught smacking your kids across the mouth you can bet you would have CPS knocking on the door...why would you do that to your children???

— @massgirl, well it’s not that different of a time she is like 18, but everything else you’re on point.

— @dontblockmesis-imjustspeakingfacts, ahh that explains it then.

— Have a talk with your daughter. Teenagers are assholes and they say horrible things. Don’t take the HORRIBLE advice to abuse your kid. Slapping her will never earn you respect. 🙄

— Stop it. That girl turned out great, okay? Great attitude, great grammar, great parent! 😏

— I know it’s hard, but try to take it as a grain of salt. Teens are able to pick just the right words to stab you in the heart, I am sure she has lots of mixed feelings and might even be experiencing a bit of jealousy. I would take her to a movie and dinner date or something that you both enjoy. Try to not dwell on what your husband told you. Take care and again, I’m sure she loves you- I know I have said things I didn’t mean when upset, venting, and then it’s almost as if the words make it easier to say more and more until something awful came out, but you feel a bit better. <—possibly what happened with her.