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I’m feeling a certain way today. I’m hungry and my bf wants to bring me food but idk what I want. If your guys said they would bring you food right now what would you ask for? I need help lol

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— Healthy or not healthy?

— @evildrporkchop., oh yeah. Have you had it?

— @bubbys.mommy, yes it’s good!

— @evildrporkchop., that’s what I asked for 🙌🏻 now let’s hope he gets here soon cause My stomach is dying

— 😅😂 I would ask for Starbucks or Dunkin’ lol

— GIRL Starbucks has been slacking on my pumpkin spice so I went out and bought creamer and it’s been trumping Starbucks. I’m about to stock up and freeze it lol

— @bubbys.mommy, I agree! I didn’t like their pumping spice 🥴 I need to do that and buy a creamer bc Dunkin’ has been taking all my money 😩

— Olive Garden. Yummy.

— Cheap girl, cheaper 😂😂😂 That doesn’t even sound good 😭😭😭😭

— @bubbys.mommy, haha sorry. I’ve been craving for that place lately myself. Otherwise I’d go with my standbys, McDonald’s or Burger King.

— @luvbeingamom18, 😭😭😂😂

— Pho!!

— I’ve never had that but I’ve always wanted to try it. But it doesn’t sound good right now either 😭😭😭

— All good ideas so far though lol

— Arby's

— Ooooo that sounds good

— @bubbys.mommy it really does. I'm trying to convince dh to go get it 😅

— Panara bread broccoli cheddar bread bowl ..with a chicken Fontaine sandwich 👌🏼