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My water has started leaking. Almost baby time

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— Oh woow you’re still early!! Good luck ! Praying baby is prefectly healthy 🥰

— @jackyt3434, that’s just an estimate weight that doesn’t means he’s really 7lbs plus if he was that doesn’t mean he’d be healthy his organs aren’t fully developed ... but good luck ! My baby measured almost 9lbs but was born only 7lbs so don’t go off an estimated weight

— @flamingfiremom, ok! They just gave me the steroid shot

— @jackyt3434, that’s good !

— Eekkkk that’s early! Hope for a healthy little one! 🤞

— If you’re leaking please go to l&d if you aren’t already there. Waiting too long can risk infection.

— @jackyt3434, then good luck mama! Hoping you have a fast and easy delivery. I leaked with my son and didn’t know to go in because my midwife assumed I just peed myself.

— @mswedes, that’s what i thought too but I rather embarrass myself than the alternative

— @jackyt3434, absolutely! Good luck!!