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Tips on natural inducing? I’m having sex (ouch) and walking. Even climbing stairs. Which are doing some work cause I’m getting Braxton Hicks which I haven’t got all pregnancy until this morning. I did buy red raspberry leaf tea today. It helped with my last pregnancy. *no rude comments please*

Ps the app is saying I’m 37 weeks but I’m 39 weeks

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— Just keep doing psychical things mamas! That’s the best and most natural way. The old wives tales aren’t really effective ya know? Plus baby can’t come until baby is ready, but the more physical activity you do the more you help that happen. If that makes sense. Lots of walking, keep having sex, clean the house, go bounce on those big birthing balls.. the more you do the more you help get baby down and ready to come out! I know it’s frustrating.. you’re soooo close! 💕

— Red raspberry leaf tea is fine but it often needs to be started at about 36 weeks. But it can’t hurt. Sex is really the #1 that can help. Just steer clear of castor oil and you’ll be fine. Move around a lot. That babe can’t stay in forever!

— Breast pumping. My doctor said its good to do as well.