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My daughters dads mom is the nicest woman. I have an appointment at some car dealership to talk about my options. And my daughters dad said his mom is getting a mini van and was planning on giving it to me. She said if i still have the appointment and end up getting one from them she will give it to her neice but she wanted to give it to me. So with in the next month ill have a mini van which im very thankful for. Because i really didnt want to do car payments lol

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— Lucky our car payment is 400$ 😩

— Mine has never been that high

— @anicole3285, ya it’s from the dodge dealership I have 0 credit lol

— @cheetahgurl420 oh i see

— Lucky I need a car. Mine stopped working and just had to sell it because paying for the repair would’ve cost the same amount as buying a new car so yeah no lol