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Trying to convince my mom to go on an Olive Garden date this weekend cause ya girl NEEEEDS those breadsticks & Alfredo sauce 🤤🤤

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— If she doesn’t go, I will!

— Oooh girl yes, I’ll even pay! I just don’t want to go out to eat alone lol

— Mmmm i need some olive garden

— @mama.kay i think ill go for my bday

— @mamaxghoul, when’s your birthday?? You should! Birthdays are for eating whatever you want and as much as you want! Lol 🤤

— @mama.kay Oct 28th

— Ill go all u can eat pasta i need a pasta buddy

— I’m so down!! I could sit there and eat pasta all day lol 🙌🏼

— Did you know they sell a vat of that Alfredo sauce??! They asked us if we wanted the small or large! Hmm, don’t think I’ve been asked before. “We want the large!” It was a salad bowl full!!! Do not ask if we ate it all!!! 🥴

— YOU’RE KIDDING!! 😍 I bet y’all ate it all huh, lol that stuff is so good! That would be really smart to get as a to go and you could have your own dipping sauce at home or even your own OG fettuccine if you’re cooking for the family!