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Do any of you use Ibotta?

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— I hate it. Nothing I buy is ever on there.

— I do! It's definitely something to do if you want to save money. I used it on my son's formula and got money back. It takes a while but extra is always nice

— I do! Great way to earn extra money on things you are already buying.

— Yeah I don’t like it either .. I always buy stuff I add on my list on there and never get my cash back wen I buy it

— Love it just cashed out $30

— Do you buy a lot of store or name brand items?

— @jennatess, no

— @momofoneboy, sorry. I should re-word. What do you buy more of? Store/off brand or name brand?

— @jennatess, try fetch rewards. If you sign up and use my code you get $2 and can cash out at when you scan your first receipt

— How does that one work? Same idea?

— @jennatess, easier. But all you do is scan a receipt. Every one you do you get 25+ points

— Yes! I've gotten over $120 back. Use it for Amazon purchases and any online purchases