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All bedding washed✔
Carpets vacuumed✔
Carpets shampooed✔
Counter wiped down✔
Stoved cleaned✔
Dishes done✔
Windows wiped down✔
Clean fridge✔
Picked up cake, decorations, icecream and groceries✔
Bird cage cleaned✔
Still have to clean both bathrooms and take recyclables out and garbage out and make kiddos beds.

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— Can I have 1/8th of your motivation? I’ve only done a load of laundry, vacuumed the whole house and shedded the dog 😆

— @jennatess laundry is pretty easy here. X puts his away. Paul will put his away when he gets home. And when the stel boys get here they help put theres away too. Ill do your laundry, if u do my dishes lol

— @mom.zombie-xl, yasss! Let’s trade! Hahah. I really can’t complain. My husband irons all his, so I really just have to fold and put away. I just hate the folding part.

— @jennatess ugg me too lol

— You can come to my house anytime! 🤣

— Lol im dying right now. I hate cleaning. And for about a month i halfassed everything. So, its been a rough day. Plus my 2 year old has been testing me with extra messes

— Man I haven’t done anything except pick up a few toys lol

— Ugh, i hate it. My steps sons birthday is today. So it has to get done

— @mom.zombie-xl, oh yeah I get that then. I’m the same way, put it all off until last minute and always regret it but I still always do it

— @supermomof4 lol if i dont do it last second, the kids ruin everything lol kicks my ass

— I need whatever you got. I have to make myself make my bed most days. So tired 😪

— A bitchy MIL lol we are having a birthday party for my oldest, and she will be here

— Hope he hs a great b day “MOMs always make shit happen ;) for our kids

— Oh yea. Everything got done. Before they got here. Now im TIRED lol. I even got a shower in.