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Lots of appts today, but the best is last! I get my first ultrasound today!

I really love the OB office that I chose for this pregnancy. First appointment was just to go over my medical history and they were so thorough and so informative! I feel like I learned more in my first appointment with this pregnancy than I ever did at the OB in South Carolina when I was pregnant with Mowgli! They're kid friendly too which is amazing because when we were there every time Mowgli started to get a little Restless she would pull out a toy and then when he got bored with that one she would pull out another one and just kept doing that! I feel like they actually care at this place :)

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— Did you just find out? Congrats

— Thank you! I found out a few weeks ago- I'm only a few days over 8 weeks, but this one feels so much more difficult than my last pregnancy 😅 since they were thorough with my medical history I think they've considered me high risk so I guess that means I get extra ultrasounds and afew more appts than the norm

— @familygrown take care of yourself hunny

— @mamaxghoul thank you! I am certainly trying!🙏😌

— Aww yay!!! So exciting!!

— @familygrown I'm so happy for you guys! Is ur hubby excited?

— @lifewithlynnieandwill88 he is super excited! I'll post the pics shortly!

— @familygrown aww that's awesome!!