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Any one else had baby that keeps getting put back on growth. I had baby measured today at epu scan it was 7.4 cm and they have put me back by 3 days to 13.3 weeks according to 12 week scan 9 days ago it 6.1 cm and put me at 12.4 weeks then and 13.6 today. If I go by actual last date of cycle I should be 14.4 weeks. Making babies is so confusing.

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— Yeah I’ve been put back and forward with some pregnancies. It depends on when the egg implanted. Some implant right away and some take a few days xx

— Yeah it more that they keep putting me back at each scan lol this is the 3rd one I have had and each time there has been a change in dates. Just dont know if baby is just not growing as fast as it should