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Do I need to do a username selfie?
不 不 不

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If yall dont believe me and my crap by now then no one can be trusted!

Yes lol


@evildrporkchop. Yep lol fuck it ur funny enough if u are a man I'll look away hahaha

@raisingmyblueyedrainbowbaby, oh no! 不 不

Im already confirmed 不不

What happened?!?!

@bigxbootyxbitch, Adams alter ego, BFF, @walkerchristina374

@evildrporkchop. Dont know if u can see her post . @walkerchristina374 is a real women . She posted the pic as asked . I feel badly now . But gotta protect mine me and yours and you all . I feel like shit ! Oh that adam guy grossed everyone out on here . No one be trusting no one .

@jesssska, I cant see it! She blocked me!

Ummmmmmm :0 She didnt block me . And I was the one who was hard on her .