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Moms please be safe and careful on this app so many weirdos not accepting any new friend request

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β€” Why???

β€” It was a man pretending to be a women on here and stealing pictures

β€” Wow is not good

β€” All that is why I hardly get on anymore... πŸ’”

β€” I know same

β€” I hardly get any requests, but I completely agree about not excepting any new requests.

β€” Yes I’m so skeptical about everyone

β€” Lol I thought we were cool I guess not πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ well On my other page we were cool wen we were both pregnant and had our kids lol but I was banned from that account n had to make a whole new one

β€” @prettyjazz98, lol good hby? and yeah I’m having a boy !

β€” @flamingfiremom, we’re doing great she’s almost 1!! Congratulations I wondered what happened to you

β€” @prettyjazz98, thank you and yeah I been here lol was lowkey waiting to be banned again..

β€” I don't add unless we have a conversation first.

β€” Yeah, I don’t get requests but I also don’t request. I understand because I don’t post pics. I posted one the other day of my kids from behind but other than that I have no social media nor do I allow family that does to post my kids