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I need a mom friend who can teach me how to dress cute I always wear tshirts and leggings I have no style for my body...can teach me how to do my hair nice....its always thrown on my head or pulled back and how to actually do my makeup ... yes I have watched YouTube but I want a mom friend to do all this with.

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— I second that lol

— I'm awful at it I see what I like but it looks funky on me

— @dragontrainer1 same here

— I can help! I dress the same most days but I have an eye for cute outfits.

— @dragontrainer1, do you have stores that you like or even some styles? I dress my husband majority of the time. 🤣

— @amouryaya09 idk I wear whatever is in my closet I really dont buy myself stuff anymore because i stay at home my husband shops at express and banana republic but there clothes are to fancy for me Haha

— @dragontrainer1, I would try a trial with a style box. Like stitch fix or amazon prime wardrobe. They send you outfits and the ones you don’t like you can send them back. It helps you see what looks good on you and what’s in style now. I think that would help a lot.

— It takes a while I’m now getting into makeup and I’m awful at clothes you just have to find your kind of style and something to fit your budget also the season

— Yeah I used to love clothes makeup and hair then I had my son and became a stay at home mom and I lost all sense of it haha

— Start with an easy braid. Dutch was it for me that always jazzys up an outfit and not just a bun

— @mommiesgoneabitmad I haven't even had my my cut in over a year lol but my son and husband go every 2 weeks lol

— @dragontrainer1, I started trimming my hair every 6 to 8 weeks I’ve noticed so much growth

— @mommiesgoneabitmad my husband did my eyebrows because I kept canceling my hair appointment because I always needed to do something else more important lol as for hair I dont trust him in that department and I dont trust myself

— I need help too.

— I'm like a lost cause haha

— @evildrporkchop., @dragontrainer1, ladies if I can get it together to braid I believe in you

— @dragontrainer1, I love it!! That’s such a cute pic and you said you don’t know how to do makeup

— @mommiesgoneabitmad I can do basics but I want to know how to do the cool eye makeup stuff

— @dragontrainer1, same!!! Let’s learn together

— I always wear shirt or hoodies nd sweat and if im staying home i wear my tank and shorts that are pjs.

— I wear leggings that have bleach stains everywhere shirts with stains and holes I'm always cleaning or doing yard work lol I look like I haven't shopped for clothes ever in my life haha

— @dragontrainer1 shit i haven't shopped in 3 years

— @breezy81516 I'm bad about doing stuff for myself