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I just want a best friend 😭

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— Those are hard to find.

— Tell me about it.... I lost one because of another and then lost the other one. Because of her own stupidity and jealousy. Like literally happened last night. Got irritated at a couple people on Facebook and made a post about all talk and no actions. She “haha” reacted and proceeded to delete and block me on everything. I’m bruh. If the shoe fits. 🙄

— @brianne, sadly it happens. I just would rather have trusting people in my life. Too old for the 2 faced games.

— @icebergahead, same!

— Me toooooo

— Me too. It sucks

— I’ve given up hope on finding a best friend these day 😕

— @brianne, lmao psh my potty mouth is outta this world 😂😂 my girls KNOW the bad words but they also know better than to say them. The select few times they did, was before they had learned it was actually bad. They just said it because they heard it and didn’t know it was bad. Once they know they never say that. I’d rather them know what they are and that they can’t use them then have them be sheltered so when I’m in public and people say it they’re extra curious about it lol.

— @coffeebean, oh yeah that’s how my daughter was. And now, she comes home and tells me how kid’s on the bus were cussing and trying to get HER to cuss.

— @brianne, yup my daughters have been telling me the older kids are cussing too. The OLDEST is 5th grade. Like why y’all cussing in fifth grade?! More importantly I don’t see why the bus driver just doesn’t say anything.

— Me toooooo