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I am absolutely flipping LIVID!
My brother-in-law's have been staying with my mother-in-law part-time and coming to stay with my husband and I the other half of the week Since Mil moved to the state... they haven't even been home two whole days one of them is sick as a dog which I understand totally sucks BUT laziness is not a disability being sick is not an excuse to be lazy in a way that WILL ABSOLUTELY -I REPEAT WILL ABSOLUTELY- get everyone else sick!
I went to put something in the upstairs closet and I noticed there were dirty dishes in boys bathroom so I collected them because I have just enough motivation to get something done today- on my way back down I noticed some dishes in one of the boys rooms so I went to grab those dishes and they are ABSOLUTELY COVERED DRIPPING DISGUSTINGLY SOAKED IN SNOT VOMIT!
We've told them time and time again that dishes are not for spit! This time around dishes are not for snot vomit spit or any of that! With them just sitting in the room those germs are emanating through the house and I cannot afford to get sick I cannot afford for Mowgli to get sick.
They are out on a mushroom hunting trip with my husband so I sent him a very long very angry message about it and told him that they are going to wash those at least three times I am going to make a garbage can for them if they need something to get sick in other than the toilet.
I felt bad enough that I let the house get as dirty as it has with the dishes and the laundry piled up and the toys all over the floor. I never go more than 3 days without doing dishes and when the boys are gone I can go longer because my husband and I are really good about washing and reusing stuff vs letting it build up. Just because I'm not their Mom doesn't mean it's okay for them to get lazy here and make everything harder for me! This pregnancy is reeking havoc on my body compared to my first one so life is already hard enough whilst chasing my toddler around all day.
Ugh!!! Y'all I just can't even right now!

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— Thats so nasty i wouldve wigged. Throw them away fuck washing and keeping them.

— I'm not even going to touch them I sprayed everything down in that room with disinfectant spray open the window and close the door and then spray the whole house with disinfectant spray and told them they can wash them when they get back and I mean wash them a few times and then through the dishwasher three more times after hand washing them. We don't have very many dishes so I can't really afford to be throwing them out we've been telling both the boys for over a year now to save some of their money and buy some damn dishes at the dollar store because they keep using my clean dishes instead of theirs and they're lucky they didn't use mine this time otherwise I'd Chuck it at their head when they walk in the door. And I'm extra pissed off because one of the kitties threw up a huge chunk of plastic today and it's from the wrapping of some bug spray that the same brother has in their room. I said if they care so much about the kitties then they would stop leaving garbage and stuff on the floor that would kill them plus they need to move that stuff because I don't want Mowgli having access to it even though it is upstairs and he doesn't go up there without me I still don't want anything to happen and they need to get all that s*** gone

— Gross. Be soaking those dishes in bleach water until they get there to wash them. Kill those germs🤮 I would be livid too. I don't mess with that kind of stuff lol

— I’d throw there shit outside and say bye 👋 🤣