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— Due 25th November Arrived 30th November Due 14th January Arrived 12th January Due 19 October Arrived 13th October Due 4th June Arrived 30th April

— 4th of June 6th of June

— Due: 1st May Arrived: 15th April Due: Sept 30th Arrived: Sept 24th

— Due date: 22nd September, born 4th September Due date: 4th July , born 26th June Due date: 26th September, Born 25th September.

— Due; 22nd April Arrived; 23rd April Due; 13th March Arrived; 26th February Due; 8th September Arrived; 3rd September

— Due : 27th February Arrive : 27th February

— Due 16th March Arrived 9th March

— Due 17th January Arrived 30th January

— Due: 9/6 Born: 22/6 Due: 20/10 Born: no idea but it better be soon!

— I'm due Saturday 😂 feels like his not budging 😂 x

— @jocharlene, she just better not follow her big sister and keep us waiting!

— Due: 26th September Arrived: 21st September

— Due 6th February Arrived 13th February Due 29th April Arrived 23rd February

— Due 21st June Arrived 17th March Due 12th June Arrived 28th May Due 3rd January Arrived 23rd December

— Due 25th October Arrived 28th October Due 5th December Arrived 23rd November

— Due 12th December Arrived 18th December Due 12th August Arrived 14th August