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Trying not to be a Debby downer been sitting in a room in a labor in delivery for four hours haven’t been offered pain meds food or a drink going on 15 hours since I had a drink

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— Umm definitely call someone in and complain that’s not right!!

— Girl ring that damn nurse button!!!!!!! That’s absurd.

— I’m going to I can’t believe I haven’t been offered food or anything

— They said I can only have Ice wtf

— Hit the nurse button!

— Girl , get yourself some food and drink and pain meds if you need !

— That’s ridiculous have they even checked on you to see how you and baby are doing

— Once they came in she said after your spinal wears off let me know if you need pain meds I just had a csection and my tubes removed I’m dying

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, hang in there love I hope you get some relief soon

— They kicked me out the second day there were asses when I had my last one ... hopefully they don’t give you perks those made me so sick 🤮

— Who is there with you? They need to go stand at the nurses station or get you food! I realize hospitals are understaffed and maybe someone is having a really bad day with bad news, but you need your needs met, too.

— My husband the lady’s like rude as hell

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy that sucks. I've had some pretty shitty days at work I never took out on a patient.

— Id be going nuts lol call those nurses in!

— Call someone!!!

— I did She handed me a cup of ice and said that’s all I can have

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, tf! That doesn’t make any sense!!

— You can only have ice now water of food Incase you need a emergency c-section. And for the pain meds you have to ask they don’t

— This is my fourt csection I’ve had drinks before now it’s going on 17 hours of no drink or food

— Wth.. Why?! I would be saying something.

— I’d be sending my husband to go get me something to eat. Bc like wtf.

— WHAT?! That’s dick, I’d be on my pager snapping I can’t lie. They should have offered you something the second they finished helping deliver your baby! Don’t hesitate to say something. They’re here for YOU not the other way around. I’m not saying you gotta be a total jerk about it lol, but definitely make it CLEAR it’s unacceptable & you are definitely not happy.

— How are you feeling ??? Press that nurses button and call a supervisor”to come in your room &tell them how neglectful your getting treated reading you got a c section so you need your rest and probably can’t walk yet ,,, I’m good at talking to supervisors at hospitals unfortunately from my dads sickness “I can call for you ;) tell your husband to go to the nurses station and demand they send in a supervisor of the labor and delivery floor

— I ordered dinner finally they are very neglectful I keep asking for pain meds and they keep forgetting and on top of it they aren’t doing anything my old hospital did they don’t push on my belly

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, I’ve had 3 son’s yes pushing on the belly is so important because,it makes us not clot ! I never had a c section but,maybe it’s dif ,glad you ate ,hope you get some rest and pain meds too,my oldest sister had twins yrs ago and a scheduled c section so I know want easy at all