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What is this on her tongue? Is

What is this on her tongue? Is this from the formula? It looks different then i remember and it looks bunpy

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β€” Is it thrush?

β€” It looks like thrush I would go get it checked out

β€” @rybugg413 @stellagorski1992 what is that

β€” Its not serious dont worry. Its just like a fungus or yeast not sure which one πŸ€”. My oldest son got it when he was a baby. If your bottle feeding boil bottles and make sue they are cleaned after every use. If breastfeeding just clean you nipple before feedings and after . Ooh to help it clear up just get a cloth and warm water an lightly rub . I did it twice a day Or you can go to the doctor they may give you oral drops that help

β€” @albertrettazariah1386 thank you

β€” Definitely looks like thrush.

β€” Try whiping with a soft damp wash cloth and if it comes off its milk, if not its most likely thrush.

β€” Bacteria on her tongue I think. You can get it from anything, like when I would take amoxicillin or the baby would, she ALWAYS got thrush. You just gotta get to the doctor or call them and say you suspect thrush and they should give you this yellowish medicine to put in the sides of her mouth like 4x day for a week or 10 days. Something like that

β€” Thank you

β€” Try wiping it off. If it doesn’t come off it’s thrush.

β€” Maybe thrush

β€” If it’s thrush they will make you stop breastfeeding I think it’s contagious

β€” It’s thrush call the pediatrician they will prescribe drops that will clear it up in no time , I have seen way worse cases if u catch it now she should clear up fast.

β€” Looks like thrush go to the dr they will give u medicine u rub on it with a q tip and u need to boil every thing that goes in her mouth (bottle Nipples, toys, pacis) my daughter had it they said she got it cause I was on antibiotics during birth idk πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ