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I know there are many races and ethnicities, but for the purposes of my question im only referring to black people and white people.

Is there a such thing as white people things and black people things? Like "oh that's so white" or "only a black person would do that" or "you're acting black/white"

If you get what im saying , name some of those things

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— I feel if someone said that — it wouldn’t be taken lightly.

— I feel like this whole post is a trap and not gonna end well

— I agree

— It's not a trap....this is actually something that happens and I'm interested in knowing what this group of women think.

— This isn’t going to end well

— 🍿 👀

— My personal opinion; No. 😂 it makes my head spin when I hear people say that shit and its normally when someone doesnt agree or understand, they pull out the "well, its cause your white!" Or "it's a black thing". Its ignorance, we all shaped ourselves, came from somewhere else, was raised a certain way, got great grandmas secret recipes! It has nothing to do with the color of skin! The difference between us, is the fact that we are all our own person.

— I saw a post that said White people: yeah my daughter is a lesbian Black people: yeah she call herself liking girls. It's all jokes and stereotypes on the internet but irl anyone can act any way. Shoot they got white people doing black stereotypes and black people doing white stereotypes. Racial stereotypes are not going to fit every one of a certain race so unless you're ignorant af then there isn't any white people things or black people things. Cos at the end of the day you could say something is a white people thing and its black people out there doing the same thing. It's really not a hard question or a trap unless you yourself think there are white people things and black people things

— That first part made me cackle! So true! Or calling them “your little friend” 🤣🤣🤣

— Said it so perfectly.

— @amouryaya09 but thats exactly what Im referring to. It's a way of doing things in each race that seems like it has been adopted into the culture.

— If it’s putting soda in meat. Yes.

— @nerdymommyplus2,

— @evildrporkchop. Wtf is that For burgers I do salt. Pepper. Garlic powder Onion powder and paprika 😂

— Lmaoooo

— I, understand and if this was true I'm a black, parent. Lol cause I watch those videos n see those memes black parent vs white parent n I'm black. Lol

— This white girl can twerk n braid hair

— Shit teach me to braid. I can only do simple 3 strand brand. My hair thick as hell I need better braids 😂

— @nerdymommyplus2 all u do is go under and everytime u go under u grab strands of hair on the left n right if that's under able lol

— @guess_who_bish I always fail.ive been trying to learn Dutch and french braids 🤦

— I know you said black and white but I'm Puerto Rican and it would be a Puerto Rican when I see some Hispanic shit. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Ok. You know what im saying. And as you know, it's a thing!

— IMO- Only ignorant people say things like that. 🤷🏻‍♀️

— Right and people that think this is controversial or anything are in the same boat as the ignorants.

— Well to answer my wife question I think so and I see nothing wrong with that. I tell my wife some of the things that she does makes her act White and that just means that what she's doing is not what typical black people do

— I get told I talk “to white “ I have multiply races so idk where they even get that ? What do what people sound like ? Or I hear that shit every single day . Sorry I talk educated... lol what I usually say

— I get told the same thing. I HATE that. It's like some people equate not speaking in ebonics as "talking white." I got bullied in school by black kids because of the way I talked, but I literally talk the way my parents do (my parents are both black)

— @wallflowerrose, I just be like ok I know white people who don’t talk proper so idk what a white person suppose to speak . Honestly I’m bi racially so it is what it is lol.

— @wallflowerrose you're light lol

— 😂 iighttt na...🍿 here it goes... 👀 you know this bouta blow up

— @pamelawife134 That's just black people putting our own race down unfortunately. To say that to talk intelligently is to talk white is offensive to black people. It's assuming black people speak unintelligently and to not is not being black. I hate that whole stereotype. It's untrue.

— @wallflowerrose 🤨 im black! Every race have they non sense NOT JUST BLACK PEOPLE.... thats who ever said that to her.. everybody have to uplift everybody no matter what race you are.... and its only offensive to whom ever but not all black people... i dont mind people saying i talk proper... just how a white person tells another white person there acting black or want to be black or acting ghetto 🤨 its all where you and how you were raised... @wallflowerrose @pamelawife134 all black people arnt the same and all white people aint the same.... etc!

— @hpgame of course. My comment was directed towards those black people who've I've encountered personally who told me I was trying to be white based on the way I spoke. I was referring to black ppl specifically because we need to stop putting down our own race. Racism from other races is a whole other problematic conversation.

— There is no such thing. That's ridiculous and offensive.