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My lmp was end of may going into June but had some spotting in July and could have conceived in July. Still waiting to have an ultrasound to confirm but can someone help me calculate whether I was more like to get pregnant in June or july? I want to add my pregnancy on here without being wildly off

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— The spotting you experienced in July could have been implantation bleeding

— That's what I'm thinking. I had sex after that so I'm not sure but never had a period since June so it adds up unless my period was just off

— @dankerson if your lmp was end of may/early June, you should be about 17 weeks

— If you got pregnant in either June or July you’d have a blazing positive test now.

— @spookylyn interesting, I thought each week had a certain range

— @dankerson, they do. But those ranges are super wide and overlap by A LOT. They’re also just estimates.

— @spookylyn oh makes sense since each pregnancy is different. Still would have been nice to know my levels since he messed up scheduling my ultrasound. It's weird being this far and not knowing cos last time I found out at 5 weeks. I'm just going to put 17 weeks and change it if necessary later on.