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Out of curiosity..for those with step you guys add them to your list on here of how many kids you have on your profile?

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— Yes. I have mine 24/7 so technically he's mine.

— Yes I do

— I'm not married so she's technically not my step daughter but I do all the mom stuff with her because her mom isn't really in her life. I have her listed because she found out about me having the app and was like "you're basically my mom can I be on there too" my baby daddy has other kids but I don't list them because 1 we ain't married and 2 they have a mom in their lives

— @keeks89 that's terrible and I'm sorry to hear. I'm sure if he wants to call you mom then that means you're a great stepmom whether you have him on here or not. And unless I raised the child moreso than the mother I'd just not list him incase of any drama. Cos she sounds salty considering you helped raise him!

— @dankerson, she’s very salty and i k is it’s not supposed to bother me but it does. I helped her out a lot when I was pregnant with my son and I was high risk at that! The school would call me because she never answered when they called and I always had to get him from school or buy him his supplies for his projects just anything you could imagine I did! But she’s just trash

— @keeks89 definitely trash. I'm glad my daughter's bio mom knows she's trash. She abandoned her for years because she didn't want an "ugly baby". Jokes on her because she now looks like her more than her other daughters, but a prettier version of her. Some women I tell you

— I have my Birth son listed who I did not raise.

— Yes I added her

— Yes. My oldest 3 are step. I have been with their dad since they were 12, 7 and 4 and now they are 19, 14 & 11. I have definitely played a part in raising them and treat them like my own.

— @mommyof.3, @mommyandstepmommy, @dankerson, @householdceo, @chelseaz, Aww damn now I feel like a shit stepmom lol. I have definitely played a huge part in my sons life. He’s been with me since he was 17 months so that’s pretty much my “first child” we only get him on the weekends now but we’ve had him a lot when he was younger because his mother was in a rough place.

— Honestly unless he calls you mom you really don't have any obligation to list him on here. I had my daughter's older sister with me for 2 years before I became a mom but I didn't add her until she started saying I was her mom. The way I see it is if they already have a mom claiming them then you shouldn't feel bad

— @householdceo, awww that’s so awesome. I wish it was the same for us! His mother makes things so hard for me mind you I’ve been with him pretty much his entire life but she always tells him “that’s not your mother she’s nothing to you” so yeah smh but I love that boy so much but she makes our relationship so complicated

— @keeks89 my step daughter was told this too but her mom has said and done terrible things to her so I'm who she comes to as mom and I do everything for her. She calls me mom and tells me she loves me so we have a tight bond. Her mom got pretty mad about it actually. I didn't ask her to call me mom though that's something she wanted to do.

— Yuppers

— Adopt me and add me on here, miss money bags 😌

— Mine aren’t on here, my DH asked me not to talk about them on here. Y’all would think I was old as hell if their ages where beside my name! 🤣