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Hi everyone I am back so i have a question me and Axel have talked about taking Barnaby's dummy aka Pacifier away from him but it too early or keep it for bit longer.

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— I think if you feel he will settle then it’s the right time. I never used a dummy with any of my two

— I took Aaliyah dummy off her at 5 month she nearly 1 in 10 days

— My boy was addicted to his dummy. I started offering him the dummy only at night times. And then i stopped completely. He was around 10 months old when he stopped completely taking it x

— 12 months i wean mine of theirs, tbf one or two nights they missed it but other then that i found it easy no trouble at all.. Hoping the same for Noah in a few months.. x

— If he’s had one you’re safer to leave it until after 12 months. They suggest there is some link between the risk of SIDS if they’ve had it and it’s taken before then

— If it’s a comfort I’d just let him have it, he’s only little x