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Yesterday’s events

Yesterday’s events

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— You lucky it goes on the floor my put it in my bed

— Yes 😂 or bra shoes 👟 that’s my fav

— At least it was all in one place! Lol

— It wasn’t lol. It was all over the place.

— Have had this happen! Now we have a gate for the kitchen

— @mommysaurusx6 ours has to be up at all times lol, I don't trust the little one to much for him to get into even tho the cupboards are baby proof. He likes to open the trash and pull everything out too 😂

— @jenny955, my one year old was throwing away cups, bowls, silverware, and his toys yesterday. Or he’ll take something that I throw away out of the trash and put something else in it that’s not supposed to be there.

— @mommysaurusx6 😂😂 kids are funny and they like the weirdest things