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🦋Lost in a maze of autism  You

🦋Lost in a maze of autism
You feel defeated
It’s a different kind
Of defeated, you feel you’ve
Made all the wrong turns for your child
There are so many decisions to make
So many horror stories to read
I look for the good ones
But the bad has caught my attention
I know I know, don’t look it up
But these stories are coming to me
The messages and messages of
What not to do...what to do
Where to go and where to avoid
It’s like I need to make graph of it all
The worst part is...I always wanna be there
Holding her hand or sitting quietly
In the back of the classroom or office
She’s just 3 and it’s hard to let her go
Can’t I just sit in the class hallway
Can’t I just peek in on her
I promise I’ll be quiet
She can’t tell me what happens
My mind won’t turn off
She’s just 3...
I’ve hit a wall in her maze of autism🦋
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— I like her dress!