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honestly.... if a man is not working and does nothing to provide for his children does he deserve to get his dxxk sxxked???

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— Depends. If he’s the stay at home parent taking on those responsibilities the. Why not? The man doesn’t HAVE to be the bread winner.

— I wouldn't consider sexual satisfaction as a reward for providing. Does a woman who doesn't do all the above deserve sexual satisfaction? Why would it be any different for a man?

— @bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica i domt think she means her man.shes single

— @unsolvedmysteries, ahhh I see. Then let me change it “why is the woman with him then?” Lol

— @bearsbeetsbattlestargalactica, I’m single sweetie.

— If he’s a lazy loser and doesn’t contribute anything emotionally or physically then no bc our relationship would be suffering. But like Shay said, it’s not fair to provide sexual satisfaction in return for contributing to a household... that’s prostitution lol

— This is just a weird as post. So if a women sits at home and dont work she shouldnt get sex or anything... hm maybe if they didnt want a man who sat at home shouldnt of picked a bum cant decide 2 years down the road its not ok. A guy just dont turn into a bum 3 years into a relationship he was a bum to begin w

— Doesn't matter whether or not he deserves it. If you don't wanna do it then don't do it 🤷😅

— So i guess u been good today billy imma suck ya dick.wtffff. u suck ya mans dick cause your sexuallt attracted to him not if he brings home pizza cause u didnt wanna cook

— So y’all look... a girl I went to high school with is on her 3rd child with same man he didn’t do anything for the first 2. They live together, he has no job and still insists she pay for daycare. He doesn’t help her at all and after I told her a million times to leave she’s still with him.

— Sounds like she needs to cut him loose. I'd tell her not to bitch around to me about him anymore. He's basically a 4th child at this point.

— @unsolvedmysteries, girl he does nothing. &&& she always crying to me. I don’t have any compassion left for her.

— @bodybycheetos, that’s what I said.