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With everything installed correctly, and Mowgli sitting correctly, and buckled correctly- I have an issue with Mowgli's carseat. It puts pressure on the sides of his neck right at his shoulders and leaves big red spots- what can I do about this? I've followed all the directions in the manual AND looked up safety info to be sure I have him and the seat positioned correctly. But it still rubs him wrong and I hate it! It looks uncomfortable to me and when we pull him out it looks like somebody hurt him 😳
He doesn't seem to mind but it drives me crazy!

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β€” I have the same problem for my newborn. I’ve searched for tips & tricks for it, but all I’ve really come up with is to buy the padding for the carseat straps. They’re not expensive, but it’s inconvenient to buy accessories for everything.

β€” Aftermarket products aren't safe to use since they haven't been tested with the seat and void your warranty.

β€” @bodybycheetos thats what I thought, all the safety stuff I've read about them say under the warning that the child could be ejected from the seat using stuff like this so I've been terrified to try- but they look so tempting for comfort- ugh what a dilemma it is trying to figure this out. I had the problem with his very first car seat to use been through for car seats because of safety versus Comfort reasons

β€” @squishymommy1 you're a carseat lady right? Any tips?

β€” Following! I have this problem too. Everytime AJ is in the car he gets out with red marks on him from the straps. If I make them any more loose it won't be safe for him.

β€” We have the same problem!! I try to stick a piece of paper towel there when I remember because it leaves red marks when I don't.

β€” Thats a good idea πŸ’‘ knowing Mowgli though he would pull it out and turn it into confetti! He likes doing that with tp and paper towels πŸ˜…

β€” @familygrown lol lynnie likes eating tp and paper towels for some reason, so I've got to find something else. Most of the time she doesn't notice it so it hasn't been an issue

β€” @lifewithlynnieandwill88 Mowgli eats it sometimes too! I alwats laugh and tell him theres no nutrition in that!