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Tell me if I’m being too sensitive so a few weeks ago I posted my best friend texted me about my how my brother getting a new girlfriend and him needing to fix his teeth well now she’s saying my mom is ugly and I look just like her goes on to say my daughter had really dingy teeth my nana must not have brushed them and to my four year old has to have autism because she can just tell somethings off this has all been said at separate times but it’s wearing on me

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— Sounds like a friend you need to kick to the curb. That’s just uncalled for

— Thanks I didn’t know if I was being overly sensitive

— Your bestfriend sounds like she needs to take a hike bc that sounds like a fairly shity friend

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy wow how would she feel if you went on about her like hey I noticed ur ass has gotten wide ur face is fading ur slouching alot lately and is that zit girl look at them dead ends and have u thought about a petti it do wonders for them feet u got?

— @monkeysmommax2, or girl you have to more stretch marks after one kid then I do four 😳

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy right sometimes ppl dont think about what is being said till its said to them. How long have u been friends?

— Bye Felicia. Not all friends should be kept.

— Ten years of friendship down the drain 😔

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, I dumped my friend of 31 years last year. Been the greatest year ever.

— Who needs enemies when you have a bff like this bitch.

— Right my husband says she’s extremely toxic

— That’s rude.

— She’s like I didn’t say anything bad I just said her teeth look yellow like what

— This is your best friend? I hate to see how she talks to people she hates.

— @squishymommy1, she sees nothing wrong with what she says she thinks it’s harmless I think she needs some psychological help honestly

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, time to fish or cut bait!

— @squishymommy1, I blocked her on everything I can’t anymore she’s so negative about everyone she’s always talking badly about someone to me I hate the negativity

— That’s not a friend at all! Sounds very toxic!

— Kick her to the curb!!!!!! Nobody needs a friend like that.

— Sweetie a true friend wouldn’t treat you this way she’s showing her true colors

— Doesn’t sound like a very good friend to me. Sounds like she’s just being a rude bitch imo.

— How perfect is she wow there is a saying point your finger at someone and look how many are pointed towards yourself &what kind of friend talks about a child they can say whatever they want about me NOT my child ! Time for her to go 👋 🥊 🥊

— @sherrynygirl, I even said to her once your husband works six days a week you stay home you should be doing most of the house work and dealing with the kids she’s so lazy and lives off him too one of her kids is in second grade is failing third school in a row to complain about the girl and she says the teachers are out to get her she won’t help her with homework she says she should know what 2 plus 2 is 🤦🏻‍♀️

— @bill_nye_the_russian_spy, pathetic wow yeah time to move on from that relationship she has no boundaries

— @sherrynygirl, no she doesn’t I would never say anything about her kids like that

— Throat punch her

— She moved to Cali lmao 😂 I want to

— Oh fuck her! Very toxic person it sounds like. Cut her out of your life. You are not being too sensitive at all. If she’s comfortable about saying these things to you WTF does she say behind your back? You don’t need that shit. Sorry she’s a shitty person. I know it’s hard to let go of friendships but it is well needed.

— Thank you and I agree she talks about everyone to the point I don’t trust her she was calling the neighbor gross because she has saggy stomach skin she is good friends with her I said I don’t judge someone else my body isn’t perfect and this girls isn’t either so no idea why she’s like this

— That’s not a friend

— Ummm she needs a nice right hook to the throat

— Yep, not a real friend she sounds completely miserable and toxic, you don’t need all that negativity.