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What is a good first use car to have ?

Miles etc

Like I’m not good at this lol I have to study

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— A Toyota Corolla from the 90s 😆 but since miles would be outrageous....maybe a newer on?e?

— Hyundai elantra!!! I loved my car. It was zippy and tiny. Gas mileage was awesome. Seats weren't comfy though.... and its tiny lol

— Toyota's get good gas mileage, like the Prius.

— Hondas last forever.

— Awww thank you guys

— I live in the mountains where it snows to AWD/ 4WD is necessary so Ive had Subaru’s and I currently have a Toyota. Both are great.

— I am from Washington state so we get lots of rain and snow! I opted for a Honda CR-V it’s a smaller suv with a built in picnik table under my spare car thingy in my trunk

— I’m from Connecticut and boy when it snows lol I have to look in to that car